This is dedicated to the streets & artist whose creativity influenced the world with their words and phrases.

This is documentation for the slang and phrases made popular by hip hop artist that have been used in movies, TV shows, product names, company names, speeches, marketing, blogs, websites, videos, social media and more.

This is dedicated to the hip hop community and hip hop culture. To all the fans.

This is education for fans in the form of word definitions and history.


Shout outs to all referrenced. Shout outs to the artists, producers, writers, engineers, record labels & staff.

Shout outs to the streets. Shoutouts to the Hip Hop community. Shout outs to all those who contributed.

Shout outs to the West Coast, East Coast, Down South, Mid West & Worldwide.



A slimmed-down version of Original 2 Rap ® was officially launched in late 2020. Word definitions were written by Original 2 Rap ®. There are plenty of more words and definitions that will be added. The initial launch focused on some of the words that are currently popular in hip hop today but have a deep history. Each definition only includes three examples at this time. There is an example for each type of use: Early Use, Definition Use, and Popular Use. (Multiple examples may be added to each type of use at a later time). Examples are subject to change.


Some of the artists that appear in Early Use may not be as familiar to the masses but are important to the origin and early history of the word. The goal was to try to find those who used the word first on record.

There may be many potential choices, but the goal is to list an example that is true to the spirit of the word definition and origins. Original 2 Rap ® is created from true hip hop knowledge and experiences, not just another algorithm site.

The examples that are shown under Popular Use also aim to show the words in use while remaining true to the spirit of the definition and origin. However, the popularity of the song that mentions the word is the driving factor in the example shown.

Definitions may be expanded or updated frequently.