Stunting, Stuntin, Stun'n, Stunna


1. To floss

2. To floss on a high-level

3. To show off, especially in a flashy vehicle

4. A display of one’s skills or talents (or possessions) with the intent to “one-up” someone else


Early Use

"And if you come stunting on them gold thangs

I'm a have to break you off somethin' "

Artist: Master P ft UGK
Song: Break 'Em Off Somethin'
Album: Ice Cream Man
Year: 1996


Definition Use

"I don't think Super D. can pull a stunt like me

Got karats on both of my pinkies, ten thousand a piece"

Artist: Juvenile ft Big Tymers & B.G.
Song: Flossin' Season
Album: 400 Degrees
Year: 1998


Popular Use

"Arm hangin', wrist blingin' – just stun'n and sh*t"

Artist: Big Tymers
Song: #1 Stunna
Album: I Got That Work
Year: 2000