Real Conversation, Real Spit


1. I’m serious

2. Talking about what’s real

3. A conversation meant to be taken seriously

4. A statement made to emphasize or to inform others that what you are saying is important

Early Use


"And that's real talk and that's the way its gone stay"

Artist: 3xKrazy
Song: Lifestyles
Album: Real Talk 2000
Year: 2000


Definition Use

"Don't give up on yo dreams, real talk"

Artist: Jeezy ft Keyshia Cole
Song: Dreamin'
Album: The Inspiration
Year: 2006


Popular Use

"They ain't walking the walk, they just talking the talk

Some people look at me as the real talk of New York"

Artist: Fabolous
Song: Real Talk (123)
Album: Real Talk
Year: 2004