I Put That On My Dead Homies, I Put That On Everything, On The Set, On Me


1. To make an oath or swear by something of extreme value, such as life (“I put that on my life”)

2. To request that someone swears on something of value

3. To swear

4. Show your level of seriousness by swearing by a living or dead person's name


Early Use

"I put that on my mama and my dead homies"

Artist: Ice Cube
Song: No Vaseline
Album: Death Certificate
Year: 1991


Definition Use

"Put that on something

I put that on my momma"

Artist: Kurupt
Song: Put That On Something
Album: Kuruption!
Year: 1998


Popular Use

"Man I put that on me"

Artist: Nipsey Hussle
Song: Put That On Me
Album: Bullets Ain't Got No Name – Vol. 1
Year: 2008