The Plug, Plugged, Plug Me, Plugged Me, Plugged In


1. To hook somebody up

2. The hook up. The connect. Someone that can provide you with discounted or exclusive items/services

3. Someone that sales large quantities of drugs that you have access to or do business with

4. A drug connect


Early Use

"The organization that I'm plugged with"

Artist: E-40
Song: Fed
Album: In A Major Way
Year: 1995


Definition Use


"I'm the plug

Holla when you need it my price you can't beat it"

Artist: G-Unit
Song: The Plug
Album: The Beauty of Independence
Year: 2014


Popular Use

"Ran off on da plug twice"

Artist: Plies
Song: Ran Off On The Plug Twice
Album: (Single Release)
Year: 2016