Playa, So Player, Player Way, Too Player


1. A man who dates a lot of women

2. Playboy

3. A person who moves according to the principles of the "game". Has a good understanding of human behavior.

4. Smooth, cool, finesse, charm, charisma

5. Handles social interactions with finesse, suave, confidence, and graciousness


Early Use

"They call me "Playboy $hort" known everywhere

Had a life long dream to be a player"

Artist: Too Short
Song: Playboy $hort
Album: Don't Stop Rappin'
Year: 1985


Definition Use

"Cash flow extreme, dress code supreme, vocabulary obscene

Definition-street player, you know who I mean"

Artist: Ice T
Song: High Rollers
Album: Power
Year: 1988


Popular Use

(Big Boi)

"Cause I'm a player doing what the player's do"

Artist: OutKast
Song: Player's Ball
Album: Southernplaylisticadillcmuzik
Year: 1994