Haters, Hating, Hatin, Haterade, Hateration


1. Player Hater

2. Someone who is jealous of you

3. A person who talks bad about another person due to jealousy

4. A person who cheers for your demise


Early Use

"They really just haters"

Artist: Too Short
Song: I'm A Player
Album: Get In Where You Fit In
Year: 1993


Definition Use

"But these MC's are prayin' for my downfall

They just, haters"

Artist: Jay-Z ft Kanye
Song: Hate
Album: The Blueprint 3
Year: 2009


Popular Use

"It's alright y'all haters

It's nothing, we major"

Artist: Maino
Song: Hi Hater
Album: If Tomorrow Comes…
Year: 2009